On the Rocks


Straps was sitting at their make shift dinner table he and his friends made to eat at when he asks, “I want to see what is out there.  Can you guys take me traveling?”  His friends look at each other then ask straps together, “Where straps?  Where do you want to go?”  Straps sat in his chair for a while thinking.  He had not thought past the part where he wants to travel.  He knows of places outside the United Kingdom but he doesn’t have the money to go or the means.  Deciding on a location he perks his ears and says, “The world.  Before I die I want to see everything there is to see.”  John, Jake, Tim, and Sharktooth look to each other taking.  Straps continues eating his food lost in his thoughts of traveling sing the wonders of the world.  It is one of the few times he is happy.  He has been in this house for so long he grows tired of the blue walls and dusty floors.  He wants adventure and action, he wants to see the world in all its glory.  After several minutes his friends look back to him and say, “Sure Straps, let go see the world.”

                                                *                 *                 *

Bulgaria, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Tim looks at straps from behind a pillar.  Tim had been old enough to buy tickets for their little group to Bulgaria but had reservations.  It was expensive and left a big paper trail.  It was one thing to buy a house from a private seller at the county clerk’s office.  It was quite another to book passage out of the country.  Tim had been the life blood of the group having parents rich and naïve.  He managed to convince them to look the other way if he promised to never return to them to prevent a stain on family name.  Straps may have had it the worse but was no means the only one with problems.  Tim can remember when he first met straps and how wild he was.  To think I once hated the guts out of my closest friend.

Returning his senses to the present Tim weaves in and about the displays up to straps.  Straps turned around for a moment thinking he heard something, thinks, “hmm, probably a mouse.”  Tim had ducked just in time behind a statue of a provocative woman.  Noticing straps had turned back around to view a set of ancient daggers, Tim comes out of hiding and uses his two fingers to jumper cable straps. “Bzzzz!”  Tim yells.  Straps jumps screaming for a moment, “Ahhh, Don’t do that!”  “It’s only a little fun” reply’s Tim.  “Besides you were starting to fall asleep looking at these daggers.”

John walks over to the duo remarking, “Heya now, I do not want to get thrown out again for disrupting the peace.”  They laugh remembering their trip to the Palace of Versailles in France.


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